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Classy Gifts. Sassy gifts. Food stuff. Dude Stuff. Babe gifts. Baby Gifts.
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Bird Box Gifts are sure to make them smile.

Meet Sama & Ben

Our manifesto started with a bird box. By definition this is a space created so the bird has a safe place to build the nest of its choosing. Samatha Spencer, co-owner and local encourager has created this environment within Midland. Samatha has always been driven by the ability to hold space for other people. Whether it’s classy gifts, sassy gifts or you-really-get-me-like-no-one-else gifts, Bird Box is all about creating a fresh and personalized gift through the eyes of your dearest local storytellers. We yearn to discover the history behind each of our products so you can show space for those you love with a meaningful gift they’ll cherish. Welcome to our home; a creative-minded safe place built on passion and connection. 

Come Hang with Us

Whether it's our Gift Collections, Spencer & Co., or the vibe, we are all about creating a welcoming environment: we're swapping ideas, finding inspiration everywhere, and sharing stories. If this sounds like the kind of thing you'd be into, you know where to find us.

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